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Fast Facts

Science now knows that the first three years of life for every baby are essential to creating the proper neurological passageways in the brain.

SPEAK. READ. SING. thousands and thousands of words by three. If not, experts predict that 60% of those children will be high school drop-outs, and too many will end up in the penal system.

If you miss by three, for the most part, you can’t catch up.

GIFT will work with existing national initiatives across America and create working pilot programs and success stories. Build to a national movement. Build to global programming.

Take a bite out of poverty and prejudice

Research now proves that any child who has not been impacted by twenty to thirty million words: SPEAK. READ. SING. PLAY, by age three, will statistically be set back for life. During that critical period, the neurological pathways in the brain are being created.

If a child misses proper brain development 0 to 3, mostly the child will never catch up. 60% of the children deprived of the 20-30 million words are likely to be high school drop-outs with a high risk of ending up in the penal system.

Research proves that children born into low-income families are substantially more likely to miss this target than children of middle-income families.

You can read more about the work of George Halvorson. He is one our celebrated visionaries changing the world.

Delaware As The Model

George Halvorson, the former CEO of Kaiser-Permanente, Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, a University of Delaware scientist and leading author in Zero-to-Three research, and Claire Gaudiani, former President of Connecticut College and Zero-to-Three champion, are the three leaders helping GIFT shape the action plan to use Delaware as the model.

GIFT will work with the Delaware Governor John Carney and his team, as well Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and a committee of diverse community leaders to create a system to bring training into families in low-income communities from conception through age three.

Going Forward

Based on lessons learned in Delaware, GIFT will seek leadership to enlist the resources and leadership to launch pilot projects in three to five other communities.

The ultimate goal is to pave the way to a build a national Early Childhood Development Zero-to-Three movement. The national leader is George Halvorson. As head of Kaiser-Permanente, George drove K-P from a $10 billion to a $50 billion company. He is a psychologist and prolific writer. Zero-to-Three is his top priority.

Next Steps

In 2017 in Delaware, GIFT will:

  Enlist a statewide Zero the Three Committee

 Work with the Governor and Wilmington Mayor to have two professional staff members dedicated to activate the above committee and begin implementing the home-based delivery program.