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Fast Facts

The ability to communicate with thousands and even millions of people is now possible through social media. On an annual basis, GIFT will use social media to tell powerful personal stories to inspire and engage people of all ages around the world.
As part of this,

GIFT will initiate one to five large, annual events, titled “Virtual Summits.”


From the beginning, GIFT committed the organization to use social media as a unique resource to educate, energize and transform thousands of people to best meet GIFT’s basic Vision and Mission: Multiply Mindfulness Worldwide.

In early 2016 GIFT drew a line in the sand and committed to host an annual Global Virtual Summit and reach 100 million people beginning in 2017.

2017 – next steps

During 2017 GIFT will undertake three major steps:

By the end of March 2017, GIFT was gratified that this “Call to Action” inspired partners around the world and had
given birth to four major social media events to be hosted in three different languages.

Each partner agreed to host an annual event. Two will be Global Virtual Summits.

As the partners talked and planned, they set realistic time frames. All four will be launched in 2017. Most will start
slow and build over the years. Some will stage a series of messaging over a twelve-month period.

Each event will be designed to activate and engage people in service to others.

All agree that the first year will be a learning experience. The 2017 lessons learned will define 2018 and beyond.

The four events are as follows:

  • GIFT will launch its first Global Virtual Summit in September 2017 in English. This will feature the stories of
    the world’s leading mindfulness practitioners as well as the stories of everyday folks. The messaging will be,
    “Mindfulness changed my life. My benefits are tangible and empowering. Mindfulness is simple. So can you.”
    Connected to the summit, GIFT will tell stories year-round, using social media to inspire “Elevate Yourself.
    Elevate the World.”
  • Es-sense, a Brussels-based for-profit empowerment business, founded and led by Pierre Sornin, will create
    two virtual events in 2017 – one in June, followed by one in November. The events will be global and will be in
    French. 2017 will lead to a Global Virtual Summit in 2018 that will reach 100 million people.
  • Ken Honda, is Japan’s leading proponent of mindfulness and self empowerment. He has authored 130 books
    and has a major social media following. Ken will partner with GIFT and host an important social media event
    in 2017 in Japanese.

In the United States, GIFT will enlist major partners to use social media to create a movement to treat military
personnel and veterans suffering from trauma and PTSD using proven mindfulness therapy. GIFT is working with
LookTV, a new online.

Going Forward

By September 2018, GIFT will have learned a great deal about using social media and virtual summits to impact and engage people worldwide.

The GIFT promise is to activate and host annual events. 2018-2019 will be the second year.

As we go forward, GIFT will seek to activate and host social media events and virtual summits in each of the eight to ten major languages around the world.