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Fast Facts

In the United States and around the world, GIFT is working with top educators and the leading, proven organizations that are bringing mindfulness into schools. The goal is to help market these practitioners and affect the lives of thousands and thousands of teachers and students of all ages.

Keep it simple. Science proves that the brain under stress will not focus properly. Reduce stress and truancy. Increase high school graduation, self-regulation, and academic performance.


Many students in the United States, from all backgrounds and economic levels, are under stress. New science into the mind and brain, show that under stress, our minds “fly off” in all sorts of directions. Science shows that mindfulness slows the mind down and increases focus. Offering students a tool to self-regulate their stress, increases focus and increases the capacity to learn. Parents, educators, and students see mindfulness as an opportunity to improve focus, control behavior, and increase overall self-confidence, resiliency, and happiness.

The main organizations that bring mindfulness into American schools each have independent, third-party researchers to record measurable outcomes.

  • The measured impact includes:
  • Improved academic results in reading, math, and science
  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Increased positive behavior and outlook
  • Reduced conduct problems
  • Reduced emotional distress
  • Reduced suspensions
  • Reduced absenteeism

Delaware As A Model 

In 2016 Sam Beard personally visited the major organizations that specialize in mindfulness in schools in America. GIFT hired a part-time consultant to prepare a basic analysis of the leading organizations that offer these services. The analysis includes costs, scalability, staff requirements, age range, and the method of training.

GIFT does not intend to train students in mindfulness ourselves. In Delaware, armed with the above report, GIFT will be in a position to provide a menu of options to interested schools and provide the contact information to Delaware’s education leaders.

In addition, Michael Carroll (Founder and President, Wake Up Yoga; multiple authors

– The Mindful Leader; Mindful Leadership Training) is overseeing the implementation of district-wide mindfulness into the nearby Bucks County School District. Cara Bradley (Founder and President, Verge Yoga; Amazon bestselling author – Wake Up, Show Up and Shine) is leading district-wide mindfulness in the neighboring school district. Any interested Delaware principal or superintendent can visit our neighbors and learn step-by-step how to.

Next steps

GIFT will begin in Delaware. Armed with the above analysis, once GIFT has one professional on payroll in Delaware, GIFT will be in a position to reach out to Delaware schools in a systematic way and pursue interested education leaders.

GIFT has enlisted a dedicated team of Delaware education leaders to market mindfulness to Delaware’s schools. The team has selected measurable goals for 2017 and 2018. These include the number of participating schools, the number of trained teachers, and the number of trained students.

Going Forward

Based on success in Delaware, and based on lessons learned, GIFT will be in a position to consider multiplying these efforts in interested communities in the United States and later around the world.

The role of GIFT is to market existing and proven education-based mindfulness providers – not to be the mindfulness provider themselves.