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Fast Facts

The Mindful Nation UK Report declares that mindfulness is important for all of England. In October 2015, on a bipartisan basis, the British Parliament issued the report.

Mindful Nation UK – The Mindfulness Initiative.

The report says that mindfulness
is valuable for:


Bring it into businesses, Help employees with stress, Increase teamwork, problem solving and creativity


Bring it into government.


Bring it into schools, Help students dealing with stress, depression and bullying


Bring it into hospitals, Work with the mentally ill, Work with individuals suffering childhood abuse, Market it to all citizens


Bring it into prisons

Jamie Bristow


Chris Ruane

Parliamentary Liaison

In the United Kingdom, Chris Ruane and Jamie Bristow, through their nonprofit The Mindfulness Initiative, are the principal change agents. Chris is a former school teacher from Wales and a former member of Parliament. (He lost his last election and is running to regain his seat.) Jamie is a researcher and management consultant supreme.

Their vision was to train members of Parliament in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s eight-week Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Chris states, “We felt that if members of Parliament experienced mindfulness personally, they would understand the untapped power of the mind to increase focus, reduce stress, and increase problem-solving.” During five years of dedication, Chris and Jamie trained 145 members of Parliament in MBSR. As they predicted, Parliament issued the above cited report.

This report sets the global standard for government leadership.

There are now fifty countries around the world interested in replicating the Mindful Nation UK Report with the goal to establish nationwide mindfulness marketing and implementation.

The Role of Gift

In March 2017, GIFT and The Mindfulness Initiative (Chris and Jamie) signed a partnership agreement to work together to market the report worldwide.

We will utilize a top-down and a bottom-up approach. Country by country, we will train key elected of officials in mindfulness. (Top-Down.) Elected officials mostly respond to mainstream constituents and citizens. An equal effort will organize local constituents to educate their elected leaders in the power of mindfulness. (Bottom-Up)

Working with The Mindfulness Initiative, we will set priorities and spend a majority of our efforts pursuing the four to six governments most likely to adopt the Mindful Nation UK Report.


Government leadership is powerful. Governments and elected officials have major educating, convening and program implementation capabilities. Harness the support of governments and thousands and thousands of lives can be impacted.

Many people are reluctant to work with government because governments are bureaucratic and can be volatile. At the same time, this is the basis of Sam Beard’s fifty-year service history. Sam laughs, “Sam Beard with an idea has little power. Enlist the President of the United States. Presidents and government are major catalysts for change.”