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Learn The Field With Sam Beard 

Visionaries who are changing the world.

Every year the GIFT Board will select ten “Visionaries Who Are Changing the World.”

The goal is to inspire others to think BIG and to multiply their messages and opportunity to elevate human behavior.

2017 is the first year. To date, five have been selected.

You can read about these amazing global leaders – click here.

Transforming Ideas Into Impact

Traveling the world and meeting the best and brightest in the mindfulness field, I hear so often the frustrating reality check how high-intentioned ideas to better the world are not rising to their potential. I know entering that conversation that I can help.

It is that zone when I feel there are no accidents or wasted experiences in life.  It is paying-it-forward time to all the mentors and teachers who recognized something in me and shared with me the tools to turn big ideas into action and most importantly, results!

Without them, my half-century’s work of creating national public service programs for 8 U.S. Presidents would have never happened. More specifically, it was responsible for creating 10 million jobs for low-income Americans.  It’s no exaggeration that it helped turn an initial $2,500 investment in revitalizing the waterfront of Wilmington, Delaware into $2 billion in redevelopment.

 4 case studiesclick here.