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Sam Beard on Mindfulness

Are you stressed? Do you know your unique purpose in life? Are you satisfied with your personal growth? Explore the untapped power of your mind.

Grow beyond the five basic senses: Sight. Hearing. Smell. Taste. Feel.

Open your full potential. It’s as easy as closing your eyes and breathing. Get connected.

The GIFT Kick-Off Speech – Rotary March 2016 with Sam Beard

On March 2, 2017, hosted by the Rotary Club of Wilmington, Delaware’s most prestigious launching pad, we kicked off GIFT’s global programming.

GIFT is using the State of Delaware, our home geography, as a laboratory and proving ground. Learn locally. Experiment. Refine and prove our skills. Then go national or global. The GIFT Veteran’s Initiative is a great example. In Delaware we discovered Dr. Jennifer Tedesco at the local Veterans Administration Medical Center. Dt. Tedesco has use Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR training and transformed the lives of hundreds of veterans suffering from PTSD and related trauma. She mentioned that there were similar success stories in 8 to 10 cities nationwide. That falls into our proven skill level. Our priority initiative is to create a national movement and impact 100,000 U.S. Veterans in the next 5 to 8 years.

The Fuji Declaration Interview with Sam Beard & Rika Yoshikawa – Finding Our Divine Spark

The Fuji Declaration is an invitation to people from all nations and walks of life to join in a commonality of purpose beyond borders. And most of all, The Fuji Declaration is a call to consciously evolve with each other and with nature to bring that new world into being.

Columbia University Speech with Sam Beard, Lisa Miller & Global Students

In June 2016, Dr. Lisa Miller, top scientist in Columbia University’s psychology department, hosted a global symposium of her 65 graduate students from around the world. The promise of the symposium was to assist these students of all ages – 23 to 58 – implement their BIG IDEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Sam Beard was asked to deliver the keynote address and remain for three days to turn ideas into ACTION and RESULTS.

As requested by Dr. Miller, Sam included exceptional examples of the power of one person to make a difference – world leaders, known by Sam – along with step-by-step “How To’s.”

Sister Lucy Story – Sam Beard

Over a fifteen to twenty-year period, GIFT will generate $1 billion of new philanthropy – combining donated services and donated monetary contributions. The use of the philanthropy is to help “Multiply Mindfulness Globally,” GIFT’s mission, and to help close the gap between haves and have-nots following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s.)

Sister Lucy is the first recipient in Pune, India. Sister Lucy’s personal story is more than inspiring.

50 in 52 The Journey Institute Interview with Sam Beard, President of the Jefferson Awards for Public Service – Jan 12, 2009.

Sam gives an inspirational message of you can do anything!

In 2006, Dafna Michaelson set out to film one person from every state in the United States to highlight service excellence. Sam Beard was selected to represent Delaware. Sam talks about – “You too can create a program for the President of the United States. Here’s how.”