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Fast Facts

GIFT has a signed partnership with England’s Mindfulness Initiative that led to the creation of the Mindful Nation UK Report. The 2015 Report was issued by the UK Parliament on a non-partisan basis, and specifically states that mindfulness is important for every sector in the UK – schools, health, businesses, non-profits, and government. 50 countries around the world are interested in copying it.

With this partnership, in America, GIFT will create a grassroots movement to have mainstream folks go to their local US Senators, leading Committee Chairs in the US House, and the 50 Governors to reinforce that mindfulness is mainstream and positively reduces stress and increases human focus, creativity and teamwork.

GIFT will work hand in glove with the Mindfulness Initiative around the globe, and pursue the fifty interested governments.

Within five years, increase government research into the mind and consciousness by $100 million per year, and increase federal program funding for local communities for education and health and other needs by an additional $200 million per year.

Within five years, increase government research into the mind and consciousness by $100 million per year, and increase federal program funding for local communities for education and health and other needs by an additional $200 million per year.


The goal of Initiative # 2 is to market mindfulness to countries. Educate elected officials and grassroots mainstream opinion makers on the powers of mindfulness to elevate human behavior. Enlist government leadership.

Government leadership is powerful. Governments and elected officials have major educating, convening and program implementation capabilities. Harness the support of governments and thousands of lives can be impacted.

Many people are reluctant to work with government because governments are bureaucratic and can be volatile. At the same time, this is the basis of Sam Beard’s fifty-year service history. Sam laughs, “Sam Beard with an idea has little fire power. Enlist the President of the United States. The President driving the idea as a priority of government is a major catalyst for change.

In the United Kingdom, Chris Ruane and Jamie Bristow, through their nonprofit The Mindfulness Initiative, spent five years dedicated to have the British Parliament, on a non-partisan basis, declare that mindfulness is important for the UK. Their vision was to train members of Parliament in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s eight-week Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Chris states, “We felt that if members of Parliament experienced mindfulness personally, they would understand the untapped power of the mind to increase focus, reduce stress, and increase problem-solving.” Over three years Chris and Jamie trained 145 members of Parliament in MBSR. By June 2015, Parliament issued the Mindful Nation UK Report calling for mindfulness to be brought into schools, health care, businesses and government programs nationwide.

This report sets the standard for government leadership. There are fifty countries around the world interested in replicating the report.

In March 2017, GIFT and The Mindfulness Initiative signed a partnership agreement to work together to market the report worldwide. GIFT has the prime responsibility to raise the program funding.

To succeed, we will utilize a top-down and a bottom-up approach. We will seek to train key elected officials in MBSR among other proven mindfulness training systems. (Top-Down.) We also understand that elected officials respond to mainstream constituents and citizens. An equal effort will be to organize local constituents to educate their elected leaders in the power of mindfulness. (Bottom-Up)

Working with The Mindfulness Initiative, we will set priorities and spend a majority of our efforts pursuing the four to six governments most likely to adopt the Mindful Nation UK Report.

Next Steps

Fund the partnership and get started

In the United States, GIFT will begin in Delaware as a model. The goal is to make Delaware the First Mindful State.

GIFT already has more than 100 mainstream leaders as enthusiastic supporters. GIFT has made positive presentations to the two U.S. Senators, the Congressperson, and the Governor. In March, U.S. Senator Chris Coons publicly announced his support behind mindfulness to help US veterans suffering from PTSD trauma.

With proper funding, GIFT will activate efforts in all 50 states. Focus on 75 to 80 cities/communities. GIFT will coordinate mainstream opinion makers to visit their local U.S. Senators, Governors, and influential Congresspersons on a regular basis to gain their public support.

The Mindfulness Initiative and GIFT will repeat this process around the world. We will begin with the fifty countries that have already shown interest. As stated above, we will create priorities and use a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Going Forward – Projected Measurable Outcomes. Return on Investment (ROI)

As governments around the world accept the power of mindfulness to elevate human behavior, they will increase research monies and funding for local programming.

By December 2022, increase government research into the mind by $100 million per year and increase government program dollars for local communities by $200 million per year.

The projected return on investment (ROI) will exceed 100:1. Each $1 spent on marketing mindfulness to governments will generate at least $100 for new research and programming.