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Fast Facts 

GIFT has enlisted a leadership team and early success stories. The long-term goal is to bring mindfulness into 10,000 businesses worldwide and to have each business agree to donate a percentage of revenue for philanthropy. Help multiply mindfulness and help reach the GIFT $1 billion philanthropy goal.


The vision and mission of GIFT’s 10,000 Businesses Program is to take three initial success stories and create delivery systems to multiply them to impact 10,000 businesses worldwide. Initiate a vision of changing values. This is a pro business vision, but transforms business from its traditional measurement systems of numbers only: revenue, measurement, profits and losses to add new values: self fulfilment, joy, service to others, empowerment, freedom and meaning.

Along the way, turn the financial power of business into the realizable dream of generating $1 billion of philanthropy to multiply mindfulness, kindness and service around the world.

Next Steps 

GIFT’s 10,000 Businesses Program is one more GIFT initiative to: THINK BIG. Have the attitude: YES, I CAN! CREATE A SIMPLE PLAN. GET STARTED.

There are three program leaders each of which is committed to take their different skills and proven experience to impact 1,000 businesses worldwide.

The three are Dan Norden, a Ft. Meyers, FLA 8-employee real estate company; Chris Gardener, a successful United Kingdom small business coach who is working with his clients to transform their business skills and add philanthropy; and Jennifer Hunter, who spearheaded the world standard Health, Wellness and Mindfulness program at the Cleveland Clinic.

In 2017, GIFT will work with the three leaders and create a 10,000 businesses website and a step-by-step management plan. GIFT will prepare a “How To” video highlighting initial success stories.

Going Forward

GIFT is committed to enlist 7 other dedicated leaders and drive the 10,000 Business initiative over the next twelve to eighteen years.